4.8 (38 Reviews) Visit website. The WEBPROTIME ACADEMY Blog was created to voice out our opinions about Web Development & Design, and Mobile App Development. Chhabra Solutions has a good space for you where you can write blogs and can get a do-follow link. Editorial ratings: ★★★★. How to write well. Justwebdevelopment Blog is one of the top Indian blogs on Blogging, Internet marketing, Social media, SEO, Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Mysql, Javascript, and PHP. At WebDataRocks, we appreciate quality content. Vital's award winning web design and development team builds the best websites on the web. If you don't have an outline yet, you can get a topic idea from us. We, at Notion Technologies, are always on the hunt for promising writers who bring to the table fresh and unique perspectives that give our readers something to ponder and a chance to widen their horizons! We prefer long-form content. First Step: Submit your article suggestions to success@awakenthegreatnesswithin.com. If so, writing articles for inGenium could be for you. Write For Us ( Web Development, Web Design & App Development ) We are accepting Guest Posts. If you are attaching a complete article, please submit as a Word document rather than a PDF. December 18, 2021October 9, 2019 by jitu222. Being among the pioneering platforms for offering the mobile app technology updates and information . Our Link Policy We are happy to link back to our writers' own websites and/or LinkedIn profiles. Join our Talented Community of Web Developers and Writers! Which has a huge targeted audience. However, in this rapidly evolving competitive environment, there is always a spacious room available for more opinions and more knowledge to get . Now, you can! To get in touch and become a developerFusion contributor, send us an email to hello@developerfusion.com stating clearly if you'd like to write and/or review, and the areas of your development expertise. Word Limit - The article should have a minimum of 2000 words. Write for us to extend your outreach, Promote your Business, Link building and much more. You may submit this through the contact form below. While web design and web development are often changing, web design is technically a subset of major internet development. Point 4. The platform is specifically for javascript learners. Well, you have landed to the right place. Javascript - info. We would gladly publish it on our website: To begin, send us an email with 3-5 topics on which you intend or wish to write for us. We appreciate our guest to interest to write for us as guest blogger. We start with analysis, research and planning followed by architecture, wireframing and content creation. Should I accept your post proposal, I might edit your post just a little as I see fit for good on page SEO. Write For Us. If we decline your content pitch, please feel free to submit the idea (or content, if already written) elsewhere. We welcome all the writers to share their ideas who are searching for guest post or "article submission" blogs. Do not attach the word document to the email. These rules are valid for those authors who want to write for us. Write For us. The content must contain 700 to 1000 words. 2. The blog should be unique, fresh, and in Proper formation of like H1, H2, etc. We understand the value of actual information and regularly publish useful articles for web developers, marketers and webmasters. Motivational, Inspirational topics Want To Urge Start? Write Guest Posts on Technology and Web Development DhellandBrand is an online literary medium focused on providing with latest technology news, updates and Web development related articles. Write for us on Technology, App Development, A.I, Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Web Development, and More. Our aim has always been to educate the readers about a variety of topics related to the web designing and digital marketing field that they seek help . They are looking for fresh and experienced . Submissions for one of our blog sections should range between 1200 and 2000 words, while feature articles generally start at around 2000 words. Topics accepted: Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Social Media, Apps, SaaS, Programming and Technology in general. Submission Details. Send us the articles in .doc or .docx format. Steps For Posting:-. Udemy Courses. 2) Best Trip Planner Apps For Your 2020 Travel Holidays. We receive huge traffic every month. If you don't want to read further and rather send your article directly for review, please feel free to get in touch with mribrahimkhan360@gmail.com. 100 Words) Need Author Picture (HD Quality or update on Gravatar) After submitting your article, Our editorial staff will review and make necessary changes for quality purposes, and that Web Designing Company's blog is considered . 3 sections - a blog post should be structured with 3 main sections: Introduction, body, and conclusion. Websites are created using HTML code. Web Development Write For Us. Latest: 10 Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring IT Outsourcing Companies; 4- image size with 1200 PX (Width) to 600 PX (Height) In addition to this, writing for us will Provide backlinks to your site, projects, and blogs. Fill the form below or send your pitch to contribute.excellentwebworld@gmail.com. Design and develop applications for multiple platforms on mobile 2. Web design is the process of creating websites. 3) After uploading the blog, we will send you the live link via email. When you write for us, you are getting the chance to write about topics . Kindly allow us at least 5 days to review your post and follow up; as we schedule posts in advance. If so, writing articles for inGenium could be for you. Delta Pro Hike is the best platform for writers where they share their knowledge and experiences with their audience. Strategy - By showing examples and data to back up what you are saying, strategy posts are . Delta Pro Hike. Discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency 5. Mobile Mall Blog always to love submit all the guest posts that are creative, unique and informative for our readers related to tech, gaming, digital marketing, mobile, seo, technology, business, finance, B2B, lifestyle, gadgets, etc. So before writing for us keep our target audience in mind and then write. You can actually start writing for us NOW! Posted by Developer Gang January 9, 2022 January 23, 2022 Posted in Tech. You need to send an image to make your post catchy, the image should be related to blog content. Do not just write any articles and send it to us, many people submit articles that are not relevant, so it's best to get approval for the title rather than wasting your time. Write For Us. Write for us - Web Design, eCommerce, SEO, Shopify, Laravel, NodeJS, ReactJS, React Native Write for us We are more than happy that chose our blog for contribution. Don't forget to include: Your proposed outline or ideas you'd like to cover. TechIdology is one of the fastest-growing technology blogs in the digital era which covers the latest news, trends, tips and How-To guide on technology, Programming language, Mobile apps, SEO, digital marketing and much more. Also, please understand we receive around 50 submissions per day so sometimes it took more than enough to respond. Discuss why and how copy should inform design. You can submit your guest post article at Write for us Technology Blog. Use Screenshots/Images (steps/ tutorials/ how to) to show people how to do things. When you write and submit your 'how-to' post, you should provide the data that backs up your information, examples, and some actionable tips. Our Guidelines For A Guest Post On www.develvo.net. Before writing and submitting your work to us, please read our guidelines: You and I - use the words "you" and "I" to make the blog posts seem like a conversation. In your post I will allow one contextual do follow do index backlink to your website. Write for us on web hosting topics your guest post will grab an instant reach. Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. In the subject line title it Guest Post. Total number of pages on all websites launched by Orbit. If you have any other questions about writing for us or are ready to submit your article, reach out to us at publisher@pagekits.com ! We will respond to you within 7 working days, usually with feedback from our team. Write technical . Build and publish applications on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store 3. Your unique posts will receive an unmatched exposure to a global audience. Step 3: Write If we like what we see and accept your pitch, go ahead and write it up. 8. Back-end development controls what goes on behind the scenes of a web application. Basic Guidelines to Follow for Submission at Write For Us Web Development. With Fluper, you can contribute to the writing associated with the recent happening news, trends, and innovations about the mobile app development industry, app integration tactics, along with marketing and promotion of your app. You have to proper knowledge you write this topic. It's free to sign up and bid on jobs. The subject line of your email - Contribution to SEM Updates - [Topic of your article] In the email tell us about yourself - 1 paragraph, your previous article links. 204,294. You can also become a contributor by writing for us. These subheads should include your main keyword and related secondary keywords. Blogging Philosophy. Your post should include: Meaningful H2 subheadings to break up subtopics. If you're a writer, please also include any proposals for articles you already have and we can crack on straight away. Udemy is an online education platform, that provides a big collection of online courses that include video lessons on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, React, Git, GitHub, and many more. App development. 1. While we would love to accept everything that comes our way, not every submission is right for 1stWebDesigner. We want authors who are passionate . Zealous System is a trusted technology leader in software and web development services, having expertise in mobile app development for various platforms - iOS, Android - as well as in latest technologies - Swift, Kotlin, Java, Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic, and React Native. The guidelines are:-. When you write and submit your 'how-to' post, you should provide the data that backs up your information, examples, and some actionable tips. Write for Us | TheWebAppMarket Want to share amazing content with TheWebAppMarket's readers? Posts should be at least 2000 words. You should post . So you get a scope of learning both front end and back end development . Choose Topics - First, you need to suggest some 3-5 topics via email on which you're planning or want to write for us. Webhostingcoupons.com is a niche "web hosting" related website. URLs to examples of your writing. Ground rule #3: Format it so it's easy to read. The entire course is subdivided into two sections that explain javascript as a computer language and the browser's functioning. We don't want rephrases of cliché thoughts and ideas that have already been voiced elsewhere or have been discussed on multiple occasions. 3) Uber for Tutor: 6 Features You Need to Include If You Want to Make a Successful Tutoring App. You have to proper knowledge you write this topic. Our web content writing services combine the perfect mix of informed digital strategy with a proven process, all while weaving your story into captivating content that converts visitors to customers. NectarBits is a mobile app and website development company that shares knowledge, fun-filled ideas, trends, guidelines, reviews, and solutions on diverse topics, and providing information to people around the world. Our main goal is to help other people build and run successful websites, blogs, and/or online shops. We want authors who are passionate . We accept guest post on the following topics: Are you a web developer, SEO expert, marketing, or any technical writer? Topics We Accept App Development (Mobile and Web) Software & Applications (Android and iOS) UX/UI Design Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Emerging Technologies (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and many more) Wednesday, May 25, 2022. Then you are welcome. Place your main keyword in the title and introduction where possible How To Find Us We're Looking Forward to Hearing From You We hope this quick guide was useful for you. content development. Then you are welcome. Guest posting is a great tool for promoting any business or website. We are looking for authors with both technical expertise and the ability to clearly explain complicated concepts. Point 2. It comprises several different types, including page content, production content and graphical design. The ideal length is 1500 to 2000 words. This site is on 6th number from the list of top 10 websites accepting guest post-related web design write for us niche. All of your hard work will be compensated. Write For Us: Rules to Approved your Blog Follow the following Points for Approved your Blog. 1) Email your unique Content after reading "Mandatory Guidelines" mentioned above at info.websolindia@gmail.com. MGwebmaster is one of the oldest (since 2006) online magazines dedicated to web development, marketing, business, web design, startups and motivation. You are welcome to contribute to building a stronger community around web development, data analysis, and data visualization topics.. Not only we care about your valuable web development ideas, but also developed the easiest automated writing process online. We are looking for authors with both technical expertise and the ability to clearly explain complicated concepts. Topic Approval If you'd like to write for the webdew blog, send your topic ideas to us on write@webdew.com also include a synopsis of what the blog post will be about. Follow All Guideline Before Submitting a Free Guest Post. However, if you submit a guest article that meets the basic guidelines. MAMP - A local web development solution for macOS and Windows. The article must be grammatical-error-free. Are you a web developer, SEO expert, marketing, or any technical writer? If we accept your article, our in-house editor may contact you to further polish and refine your piece. Point 3. Try to make your title emotional, appealing to the reader, and attention-grabbing (do not confuse with "clickbaity"). More reasons to write for us. Take this opportunity to let thousands of people see your article, knowledge, and writing skills. Starting from signing up for an absolutely free account to publishing your post online expeditiously and efficiently. We allow paid and guest (free) post submission, which will help other bloggers to showcase themselves in front of the Justwebdevelopment Blog audience. Our website is authoritative which helps your content to get a better position in SERP. within the body section, you've got to say 3 to 4 samples which you wrote for an additional website. Write for Us, We are welcome to authors who can write on trending technologies like tech news, mobile apps & games, web development, social media marketing, web design etc. Write a good Author Bio (Min. 6. Do you have extensive experience in web development, web design, internet marketing or maybe you have a passion for teaching? Write for us! Write for Us Our website have many category like web design, web development, digital marketing, SEE etc. Discuss how important it is to have a plan before deciding on either your design or copy needs. Online marketing. Most of our articles are for small and medium-sized business owners. Our years of web design experience have led to a results driven process that ensures successful outcomes. Gain global exposure! If you don't stick to our essential caveats, then don't raise your guest post. Contributing guest posts is important for gaining SEO backlinks. We are always looking talent, Guest blogging is one of the best ways to benefit from word-of-mouth advertising. Submitted articles should raise consciousness and inspire or inform the reader. Depending on your business model. Helps developers and designers to better understand how the website is built and how code works. Write for Us - SEOHaste is on the lookout for new writers who can contribute high-quality guest posts. Start by getting in touch via our contact form. If you wish to write for WebsiteSetup.org (non-SEO purposes only), please send us a few ideas via email - info@websitesetup.org and we go from there. In SiteReq, we automated the writing process for you. CSS handles the cosmetic side of the web. (2) The submission must be relevant ie. Write for Us Our website have many category like web design, web development, digital marketing, SEE etc. Do you have extensive experience in web development, web design, internet marketing or maybe you have a passion for teaching? We make sure writers receive the due recognition and have an author bio for every article. Share the Google doc link of your guest pitch in the email. Formatting - Use proper H1, H2, H3, Unordered List (UL), Ordered List (OL), Bold, Italic and Image tags. But as we continue to grow we realize the importance of bringing together a wider range of opinions to the conversation. Content length: The minimum length of your article should be 1500 words. 3- The article has a minimum of 1000 words to 2000 Words. However, writing great content takes time and effort. 4) Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker App Development: 5 Powerful Solutions to Consider While Developing a Successful Prescription Reminders App. Pricing: Free, MAMP Pro - ¥229-469. Email me, Henti Strydom, at strydomh16@gmail.com with your post idea. This platform specializes in providing detailed explanations. If WebDesignBooth is only maintained by 1-2 people, we don't have the enough time for the content. Headline: make sure it's specific enough (as outlined earlier), not too short, not too long — just the right size — aim at 80 characters or fewer.

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